“Held as part of grand Manusa Yadnya ceremony, Tutug Kambuhan is a cleansing ritual done for infants to erase all impurities and grant divine spiritual protection.”

42Balinese people celebrate their dead and their living just the same. From the moment a human being formed inside the womb, to the day they passed away, Balinese held numerous ceremonies to cherish the life of their kin, as a part of bigger ceremony called ‘manusa yadnya’ . One of those ceremonies is Tutug Kambuhan.

42 2Held after a baby enters his 42 days of life, Tutug Kambuhan is a cleansing ritual to remove the baby and his/her mother from all impurities, physically and spiritually. This ritual is mandatory to be done by Balinese Hindu as it will allows the baby to enter the and pray in sacred area of Pura (Balinese temple).

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