“Other than Elephant Museum, The Elephant Art Gallery is an interesting addition to the whole Elephant Safari Park & Lodge experience that specifically serves as home for fascinating art collection.”

elephant-museumTo immerse their guests in a deeper trip experience, Bali Adventure Tours proudly announces the opening of The Elephant Art Gallery at The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge. Located at the North-west corner within the Park, the Elephant Art Gallery hosts several uniquely themed art pieces inspired by the exotic vibe of the gentle beast.

elephant-museum-3Some of the arts displayed in The Elephant Art Gallery are one-of-a-kind; such as a beautiful painting of an elephant by Ian Van Wieringen-Dutch painter who lived in Bali since 1969, a collection of abstract paintings by Japanese street graffiti-inspired painter Jun Inoue, a huge Ganesha painting with a complex touch of vibrant color by prominent West Java painter Yan Suryana, and many more.

elephant-museum-2The Elephant Art Gallery also exhibits several unique and valuable statues and carvings such as the Ganesha Coin Statue created by a Balinese artist, Ida Bagus Anom Merta, the one and only “Damaged Dumbo” statue created by the talented Singaporean artist Renato L. Barja Jr., and the latest highlight situated right in the middle of the space is the beautiful, glistening bronze statue of Dr. Seuss’ Horton the Elephant: numbered 28 out of 35 pieces in the world.


Jalan Elephant Park Taro, Taro Village,
District of Tegallalang, Ubud
Tel. +62 361 721480

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