Attending Festival 101: Basic things to Prepare You for a Jolly Good Time


Through this upcoming rest of year, Bali will be a place to hold many grand musical events. If you plan to visit them during your holiday, here are some basic tips that may come handy to give you head-start before you go. Check them out!

This one is self-explanatory. Check and keep your booked ticket or code and keep an eye for pre-sale ticket which often gives you a discounted rate. To make it easier, you can also book an accommodation near the event’s venue, maybe a one-night stay so you can immediately rest right after the said event.

Yes, what should you bring? Prepare the primary stuffs such as water, towel and electric charger or powerbank. Most events will have booth and vendors selling food or drinks, but you can save money by bringing your own water, at the very least. Make sure you know the dress code as well so it matches with the general theme or place of the event. Bring a light backpack wouldn’t hurt to help you carry all the necessary small stuffs.

Schedule Up-to-date
Always check the event schedule so you wouldn’t miss the performance from your favorite artist, especially so you can plan your attending time. All big and main performers are usually get the primetime around 7pm to 9pm. Look for the event’s booklet or online information and keep them nearby just in case.

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