“Literally translated as ‘two island’, Nusa Dua is a peninsula in Southern side of Bali often associated as a jet-set staycation getaway and dream beach destination.”

_MG_6477Commonly known as one of the best places to stay during a vacation in Bali, Nusa Dua is a suitable area to rest and relax. The name of ‘Nusa Dua’ actually implies to more than one occasion; it can refer to the entire eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula at the southern tip of Bali, or the purposebuilt, safe and rather sterile tourist enclave that rest on the eastern side of this said peninsula (named Bali Tourism Development Corporation or BTDC in English). Established around 1970, BTDC Nusa Dua was designed to compete with international beach resorts over the world, embracing the roots of Balinese ‘culture,’ in form of attenuated dances and other traditional art-based performances. The area itself is a vast and manufactured gated compounds housing five-star resorts and lavish villas, surrounded by precisely maintained greenery. Despite the elite environs and strict security, BTDC area is actually a welcoming place for everyone. As it also built near the shoreline and have plenty of beaches open to visit for recreational purpose. The beaches of BTDC are some of the nicest to visit, with pristine white-sand; blue ocean and tropical trees to soak in and relax away from the bustling area of the island center parts. On an edge of this peninsula, lies an area called water blow, which literally a place where one can view amazing natural attraction of sea water splashing between narrow coral hills. It has become one of the main destinations in BTDC, to gaze upon the vista or just sit on the wooden pavilion and enjoy the atmosphere of serenity.

n2Just a little bit outside BTDC, those who wish to do waterbased activity can visit Tanjung Benoa. It is a peninsula area of Nusa Dua similar to BTDC lined with aquatic excitement facilities and family-friendly resort hotels-most of midrange caliber. By day, the water off the Tanjung Benoa shoreline is vibrant with the buzz of motorized sport-craft such as boat and jetski. Here they provide the complete equipment to do fun water activities such as parasailing, banana boat, jet ski cruising to fly boarding on the open sea. Food venturer who wishes to fill their stomach after a day filled with fun activity at Nusa Dua should visit Nasi Ayam Bu Oki. Located in Jimbaran, this humble restaurant serves one of the best tasted authentic Balinese chicken rice with generous portion and affordable price.

n2 2Bali is all about living in harmony and in Nusa Dua area you can see one prove of that statement in form of Puja Mandala Worship Complex. Here, places of worship from five major religions in Indonesia are built side by side; namely Ibnu Baitullah Mosque, Maria Bunda Segala Catholic Church, Budhina Guna Buddhist Temple, Bukit Doa Protestant Church, and Jagat Natha Hindu Temple. You can really feel the pleasant vibrant of tolerance at Puja Mandala, as the place of worship used regularly for every religious occasion, often at the same time. It is not uncommon to see people of different believes giving hand to each other out during big festive religious celebration, from helping out the event preparation to safeguarding the place during the event.

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