Founded in the tranquil village of Gulian Kangin, Bangli, Pancoras Solas is a Balinese Temple (Pura), which is widely believed as the source of healing holy water.

siteLocated at the village of Guliang Kangin, Pura Pancoran Solas has been functioning as a purification ceremony of God of Ida Dalem Dimade Temple since it was first founded in 1665 AD during the occupation of the 5th king of Shri Aji Kresna Kepakisan Dynasty.

site 3The water of Pancoran Solas temple (translated to ‘eleven springs’) is believed to have magical power to help cure sickness. The story comes from Ida Dalem Dimade himself (the fifth king generation) who said to felt healing, comfort and peace after he had a bath at the holy spring.

site 2There are eleven outpourings of water at this temple (hence the name), one is placed above the other tens, and is frequently used for various purpose, either for drinking, ritual or blessed bathing, which is believed to help in healing process and purification of both physical and spiritual life. The offsprings of pancoran solas symbolize ten Balinese magical letters of alphabet called “Dasa Aksara” ; namely ”SA, BA, TA, A, I, NA, MA, SI, WA, YA” which are believed to exist in human body by Balinese Hindu believers.

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