“Situated at Bangli region, Pura Kehen is a sacred site known for its mystical aspect and also considered as the biggest temple in Eastern side of Bali.”

kehen reBuilt around 11th century, Pura Kehen is once the state temple of Bangli kingdom, where all major spiritual and religious rituals are regularly commenced. It is a grand venue surrounded by calm scenery of green forest. The name ‘kehen’ means household or fireplace and symbolizes the fire god, Brahmen who protects the temple.

kehen 3To reach the main entrance of Pura Kehen, one must climb step of stairs (38 to be precise). The gate itself is beautifully decorated, with statues of wayang-figures taken from the popular Ramayana story guarding both of its rear sides. Upon entering, feel free to walk on the temple gorgeous courtyard, which is overshadowed by a huge banyan tree. Passing through the second courtyard on which the walls are covered with old Chinese porcelain, you enter the jeroan; the most holy courtyard of a Balinese temple. Here lays 11-roofed meru towers dedicated to the God that protects the temple. On the Northern part of this courtyard, a stone carved lotus throne gallantly sits. This structure with magnificent details is dedicated to the three Hindu gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

kehen 4The architecture and carvings of Pura Kehen proves how deeply Balinese people worship and respect their deities. It is a beautiful site dedicated for the god, goddess, and visitors alike.

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