nganuMountain climbing is both fun and challenging, but it can endanger even the most experienced climbers/hikers, as one slip of foot can differ between death and life. Here we share some basic hiking tips so you can fully enjoy your experience within the safety measure.

Go in Group

No matter how skillful, physically fit or experienced you are, hiking is always best done in-group. Always have at least one other person with you if you are going on low-traffic trail, you’ll never know when you need help from other people as the wild nature of mountain pass are not to be taken lightly (or alone).

Carry & Prepare Wisely

Buy basic hiking gears that are suitable for you and make sure yourself comfortable when you wear them. Leave all your cotton-based clothes at home; wrap a bandana around your head especially if you sweat easily. Before a long trek, take digital photos of your documentation and email them to yourself. This can be helpful if they are lost or stolen.

Drink & Hydrate!

Always bring enough water for a day (surplus, even) to keep you hydrated. Water is a critical supply essential to bring in your hiking session. Although important, water can be dangerous if it leaked or mixed with cold temperature, so always makes sure you carry it in a safe container.

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