saba-beach-4“Situated at Saba Beach, Gianyar, Saba Asri is a self-funded conservation centre initiated by local fishermen dedicated to preserve sea turtle and help them to survive.”

saba-beach-2Passion and willingness can go a long way. Made Kiki, a local fishermen from Saba, never thought that what little thing he did will become a serious act of saving a creature from extinction. Few years ago, he started to help sea turtles from aggressive attack of stray dogs along the coastline that kept digging and eating its eggs. At first he sought help to the nearest conservation in the island, but gradually he decided to do it himself by learning the entire processes and tried to implement all the knowledge he gathered at his own backyard with very simple facilities and resources with few friends. On early 2013, the local government noticed of the existence of this group and helped donate some funds to build a more proper conservation center by the beach.

saba-beachEven though it’s still far from perfect, Saba Asri now regularly has a program to raise awareness of sea turtle, inviting tourists and visitors to see the preserved eggs and take part in releasing the baby turtle to the ocean. They also commence a tour package and name adoption program for each baby. If you wish to get deeply involved in the act to save mother nature during your vacation in Bali, Saba Asri provides you the chance to do so.

Jl. Raya Pantai Saba, Blahbatuh, Gianyar
Tel. +62 361 271286

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