“Located in the village of Bedulu, 5 km from Ubud, Pura Samuan Tiga is an exceptionally unique temple said to be a place where god, deities and saint meet altogether.“

The archeological trace has revealed that Pura Samuan Tiga was built around 10th century. It is actually a royal temple of the ancient Warmadewa dynasty. The temple has seven courtyards separated by walls and split gates, but connected by stairs leading up to the innermost courtyard, believed to be the meeting hall of three holy spirits.


Pura Samuan Tiga offers stunning views and unique architecture. Built between rivers and ancient pool, and surrounded by hundreds years old trees, the Balinese Hindu widely believes this temple has magnificent spiritual significance The name ‘Samuan Tiga’ literally means ‘meetings of three’. The name is possibly a reference to the Hindu trinity, or it may refer to meetings that were often held here by the royals in the early 11th century. The grand earthquake in 1917 destroyed most original parts of the temple, which has been successfully restored since then.

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