Not only used in sacred religious rituals, Balinese dance is one form of arts that can relate to local communities, as shown by Joged Bumbung.

joged 2The dance of Joged Bumbung is originated from the small village of Kalopaksa in Buleleng area. After a full exhausting day of plowing, the farmer would gather together and dance to the sound of bamboo instrument. This helps them to keep socially in touch one another, and also serves as entertainment activity in between hard day’s work.

jogedNowadays, Joged Bumbung is performed by a young woman, called pengibing, who would dance around in the circle of spectators and occasionally invite them (mostly male) to dance as her partner. This dance has become so popular for certain reasons; but mainly because of the participative aspect where audiences can actually engage and perform with the dancers. There is a misconception that Joged Bumbung is an erotic dance done only to attract men and gain profit from there, but it is actually just a form of social act to gather and entertain masses of people.

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