In the midst of Sukawati area, Gianyar, Puseh Batuan is a temple that has been preserved for ages and held a high artistic and spiritual value for Balinese Hindu believers.

pura pasehStrategically located between the main roads of Denpasar and Ubud, Batuan has been a village of talented artists and craftsmen for centuries. The peaceful community is also surrounded by fascinating old legends, mystical tales and ancient remnant filled with spiritual significance, such as the Pura Puseh Batuan temple.

pura paseh 2According to the archeological research and calculation, Pura Puseh Batuan was built around the year of Isaka 944 (1020 AD), which means it has literally stood for more than 1000 years. ‘Puseh’ itself is actually one of three main category of Balinese Hindu temples according to the teaching of sacred priest Mpu Tantular, which means it serves as a place to worship god Vishnu, the Preserver.

pura paseh 3Pura Puseh Batuan temple not only emits a high spiritual vibration, but also represents the important Balinese historical values. It contains many stunning ancient relics from prehistoric
times. Made solely from natural stones, you will be amazed to find some ancient and unique statues inside this temple’s vicinity, which can be grouped into several types; namely dwarapala
(gate guardian) statue, embodiment statue, animal statues, phallus, demons, and many more.

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