“Strategically established at the edge of verdant cliff, Basanta Agro is a center of education and recreation dedicated to preserve the nature in all their functions.”



Set upon lush agricultural landscape of Tegalalang, just 3 km ride from the famous Ceking village rice terrace, Basanta Agro is a perfect spot for those seeking for the island’s best green panorama. It weaves together the concept of Balinese tradition and culture with the best nature could offers in term of scenery and soil-grown product as main ingredient to their healthy organic menus.

There is an unmistakably ambience of tranquility upon entering Basanta Agro. Green paddy fields lies on each side of road leading to its entrance, followed by green gardens filled with trees and plants of various kinds. Fruit, flowers even Balinese rare spices that grows freely in Basanta Agro garden area indicates their utmost passion in preserving the nature in its finest form. Enjoy the pleasant moment


with friend or family in comfy gazebos overlooking Tegalalang sea of trees, with lines of Batukaru Mountain peeking beyond its horizon while savoring upon some of the delish snacks made by home-grown fresh ingredients.

Beside scenery and meal, there are also certain recreational activities with elements of education facilitated by Basanta Agro, such as Balinese cooking class, coffee roasting class, organic garden tour and yoga session.

Jl. Raya Tegalalang, Sebatu Village, Gianyar

Tel. +62 361 902227

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