Balinese culture is all about giving grace to nature and earth, but only few of them considered as a big festive celebration, one of them is called Galungan and Kuningan.

The Traveler September 2016_.inddSpan over to 60 days of preparation and celebration, Galungan and Kuningan is basically days where Balinese people celebrate the triumph of ‘Dharma’ or good deeds agains ‘Adharma’ or bad behavior. Galungan & Kuningan are two peak days from a series of ceremonial days, which start 25 days before Galungan and finish 25 days after Kuningan.

aroundThe grand celebration of Galungan and Kuningan starts with a day called Tumpek Wariga. On this particular day, Balinese people communicate with nature, especially plants, praying for prosperity as nature and men give each other blessings throughout the year. Then comes Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali that take place 6 days before Galungan, where the Balinese Hindu people pray for the universe and themselves, symbolizing macrocosmos and microcosmos. Three days before Galungan, there are a chains of celebration called Penyekaban, Penyajaan and Penampahan, conclusively symbolizing war between the people and their bad behavior with certain offerings, and in Galungan day, all Balinese Hindu celebrate the triumph with joy and delight.

around 2Kuningan day starts ten days after Galungan where the people gather and pray on Pura (temple) for the highest god Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, belive to be ascending from heaven with all the other gods on that day. People also make the “Nasi Kuning” (Yellow rice) offering as a symbol to tell to their youngsters to follow them to celebrate the Kuningan Day. Kuningan also comes from the word ‘Uning’ means notification.

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