Since first commenced on 1979, Pekan Kesenian Bali or Bali Art Festival has been a successful event to preserve and promote the rich Balinese culture and art to international spectators.

the_TravHeld in Badung regency each year, Bali Art Festival is a full month of daily performances, exhibitions and other related cultural and commercial activities. This festival offers a unique opportunity to interact first-hand with Balinese traditional culture. This year, the festival takes place from June 10th to July 8th and carrying the theme of ‘Ulun Danu’ which means preserving the source of life-bringing water. The festival opened with a cultural dance show called ‘Siwanatha Raja’ which depicts the tale of universe creation by Shiva.

The_Traveler_July_2017.inddJust like it always did throughout it existence, this year Bali Art festival features a wide and colorful variety of performances from different art groups from all over the island and, offering
the spectators a lively celebration of arts and culture. Open stages, auditoriums and outdoor pavilions provide musicians and dancers with a place to exhibit their talents. The festival begins with the iconic Grand Parade that travels from Bajra Sandhi Puputan field in Renon and ends at the Denpasar Art Centre, featuring participants from each regency dressed in their regional dress accompanied by a gamelan orchestra.

the_traveBeside diverse forms of live performances, this year’s event still features all kinds of handicraft, painting and sculpture exhibitions, as well as traditional culinary to treat the guests.

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