Heat Up The Dance floor : Basic Clubbing Tips


During your vacation, it’s okay to go to a certain club to dance and light up your night. Here we provide you some of the basic tips to prepare you before you hit the floor and steal the spotlight with your groove. Bombs away!

Meal for energy
Yes, dance routine will burn up your energy, so obviously you need to consume some hefty amount of carb before you go to your favorite club. This rule applies especially to those who don’t just come and sit around while clubbing.

The right outfit
Yep, this one is essential. Watch what you wear during clubbing; don’t go to casual or too formal. Girls, you would want to look classy but not trashy. Guys should stick it to hip and cool look. Pick trendy outfit that goes along with current fashion style, just don’t overdo it.

The right companion
Clubbing is a social activity, which means you wouldn’t find utmost enjoyment if you do it alone. Grab friends you can go party with, preferably ones you know well and you can rely on.

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