“Just recently discovered a few years back, Candi Tebing is an important historical site which still draws the attention of researchers and archeologist to unravel its origin.”

candi tebingThe areas around Pakerisan River, Tampaksiring hold so many ancient sites it might as well become the center of archeological research in the island. Couple of years ago, another site called Candi Tebing is discovered near Tegallinggah village which situated on the side of the river.

DSC07903-copyBasically, Candi Tebing is a sacred stone temple made to replicate the resting place of Hindu gods and goddesses. What makes this site unique is how it was carved in two sides of cliffs, facing each other and divided by the flow of Pakerisan River below. Candi Tebing is hidden from plain sight for such a long time. The stone gate leading to the temple is actually known by the locals, but they never thought it would lead to this grand discovery, until a Dutch researcher named Krijsman decided to dig into the rest of the sites altogether. If you happen to visit the site, expect to meet some researchers there as they still working to study the remains and determine its origins.

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