Ubud provides more than tranquility and scenic panorama to see. For fun activity during your retreat to the village of culture, you can go cycling on the beautiful Campuhan hill.

campuhan-3We know that Bali is not all about beaches and festive nightlife. For a more close-to-nature experience, Ubud is always the place to go. Here, you can do plenty of healthy activities, from yoga to cycling. Yes, Ubud strategic location and topography makes it one of the best places to hop on your bike and pedal away. One of the best spot to do so is at Campuhan hill. Located just behind the hotel bearingthe same name, Campuhan hill-or ‘Bukit’ in bahasa, is actually a narrow stone track between the lush green scenery of grass, paddy field and forest, far away from the village’s center of living.

campuhan 2The unruffled ambience of the hill, complimented by fresh air and stunning view creates a perfect spot for a brief getaway from everyday hustle and bustle. As a cycling track, Campuhan hill provides a smooth path with minimum obstacle. Just get prepared physically as you have to carry the bike all the way to reach the hill and back. Do not worry if you didn’t bring your personal bike you could findplenty of bicycle renting kiosks with relatively affordable per-day price in Ubud.

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