“Lies above a rocky outcrop on the Southern side of Senggigi beach area, Pura Batubolong is a well-known and important place of worship for Balinese Hindu devotees in Lombok area.”

lombok-2Gorgeously perched on top of an elevated rocky outcrop facing the vast ocean, Pura Batubolong might be small in comparison to other Pura, especially in Bali area, but it is considered as one of the most appealing spiritual site in the island of Lombok. The rock where the temple was built has a big hole in its center base, thus where the name‘Batu bolong’ (hole-y rock) came from.

lombokPura Batubolong is built in the midst of nature wonders; surrounded by white sandy-beach with calm sea, perfect for sunset-watching or chilling with family. Feel free to blend in with the friendly Balinese community and snap a picture or two as they leave offerings at the 14 altars and pagodas that tumble down rocky volcanic outcropping into the foamy sea. At the tip of this headland is an empty chair representing Brahma, the god of creation. Festive ceremonies occasionally held in the temple’s courtyard, especially on dark and full moon time or during Hindu grand religious celebration.

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