Into The Blue: Diving 101 for Beginners


Ocean is a blissful realm pulsating with life and mysteries. It takes more than just desire to explore the world beneath the wave. In this edition we would love to share some diving tips for beginners suggested by the pro-diver, essentially necessary to notes before you dip into the magnificent blue. Check them out!

The Mask
Unlike snorkeling or surface dwelling, mask is top priority when it comes to diving, so always adjust the mask to the shape of your face before you go. Even the tiniest gap can be fatal, as it allows water to enter and fill your mask with dangerous pressure during your underwater trip. It is also suggested to apply anti-fogging cream or toothpaste on the inner side of the mask to increase your visibility.

Trust your buddies
Diving is a challenging and rather dangerous activity so it is always suggested to do it with packs. Appoint someone with the highest level of experience in your team to guide you throughout the activity, and always trust them, especially the local guide or someone who understand the area well.

Don’t Panic
A simple yet essential things to NOT do, panic will only make you waste your precious oxygen. Maintain your concentration and don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

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