“Back with a shout-or rather, delicate notes and composition, Ubud Village Jazz Festival once again brings the quality event most needed by every so-called music enthusiast.”

With the tagline ‘Embracing Uniqueness and Tolerant’, the 4th annual Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) will surely capture the spirit of togetherness and serenity of Bali through quality musical event. This year, the music festival will feature worldclass jazz musician from around the globe, showcasing their performance to the joy of audience in the pleasant scenery of Ubud.

UBVJ201508070735Some respectful musicians from Indonesia and beyond will be featured in this year UVJF, including acclaimed legendary national jazzers such as Margie Segers, Oele Pattiselano, Glen Dauna, who will bring his sons, Rega and Indra (The Daunas), to perform together in as one group, then for international lineups, prepare to enjoy a fine collaboration by Reuben Rogers and Peter Bernstein, Youn Woo Park trio from South Korea, and many more. Guests will also be spoiled with culinary experience with 26 different booth choices and 1 hour free flow wine by the sponsor.

UBVJ201508080191-(1)To further show their support in education, Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016 will once again commence The Bali Jazz Summer School, which consists a learning course of 6 different classes by professional musicians, including drum, piano, brass, vocal and more.

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