“Tucked in the quiet countryside of Gianyar, the verdant Tegalalang is an area boasting majestic view of rice terrace, lush green forest and many more.”



On the Northern side of Ubud, lies the area of Tegalalang. Those who come seeking to get close with the island’s nature often had include this place on their bucket list. Tegalalang forms three of the most splendid terraced landscapes in Ubud, even Indonesia. The vista sprawls down and away across the slopes down to the valley, creating a breathtaking view of vast green layers and shows the timeless authenticity of Balinese nature.

But Tegalalang is so much more than those world-recognized rice terraces; this area also has a lot to offers for their visitors. Cool breeze and fresh air gently greets you as you stroll by. If you come by car, it is suggested for you to turn your air-con down, open the window and get soaked in the area’s

quaint atmosphere, or just visit the place by motorbike to embrace the freshness of its air. Cekingan the area within Tegalalang which offers the best rice terrace view, located on the upper side of hill.


After the sightseeing session, it is best that you continue your trip to the nearby Bali Pulina. It is a place providing memorable agro tourism experience of coffee plantation and scenic green panorama. Here you can enjoy outbound activity such as taking part in the preparation process of chocolate, coffee and spices. Bali Pulina also has several supporting facilities, such as a museum for coffee, where you can see the history of the world famous morning drink, and a dining space overlooking the verdant hill, which serves delicious Balinese traditional sweet treats paired with fresh coffee or tea taken straight from their own field.

In Tegalalang, lies a quiet village called Pakudui which known to produce talented sculpture artist. The villagers of Pakudui are adept sculptures, producing many kinds of statue from different varieties of wood, but majority of them make Garuda statue

in various size and form, thus the village is also known as ‘Garuda village’. For decades, this special woodcarving community has been the main producer of traditional Balinese Garuda wooden statue. Many of the statues can be easily found in prominent places across the country and beyond, from presidential palace to diamond-star hotels. Here you can see for yourself how they produce something so beautiful from a seemingly lifeless form of natural wood.

If you seek to gain knowledge of Balinese ancient wonders, you can visit Pura Gunung Kawi at Sebatu village. This temple was built to honor Vishnu, a Hindu god symbolizing water and life. Here you can really feel at peace as you hear the sound of water dripping from fountains filled with colorful fishes and natural springs surrounding the temple’s vicinity.

A trip to Tegalalang is a journey of peace, as you unfold layers after layers of wonders which have made it one of the most sought out non-beach destination in the island. The experience will certainly lingers on your mind and tempt you to do another round of vacation to this immense beauty of Bali’s countryside.



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