“Seamlessly blends into green surroundings down a narrow path on Pengosekan area of Ubud, Pura Taman Limut is an ancient temple with fascinating back story.”

taman limutLies down on a small path, the beauty of Pura Taman Limut remains unveiled from the eyes of international tourist and traveler, but that is not the reason to exclude this place from your must-visit list. This small temple emits a magical atmosphere of pristine ancient site, with large trees growing freely on its surrounding vicinity. On its eastern side, Pulakan Batu River flows with clear water, enhancing the ambience of the whole temple.

taman limut 3Legend says that Pura Taman Limut was built by Ida Mas, the fourth son of the holy Hindu priest Danghyang Nirartha. He is said to possess magical power and, in time, can change his form into a thick mist (‘limut’ in Balinese language), thus the name of the temple came from. Pura Taman Limut also kept several sacred object, such as Shiva Karana equipment used by Ida Peranda (high priest) in religious ceremony, and a Lingga statue.


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