“Resides at the vilage of Buruan, Blahbatuh, Pura Durga Putri is an ancient temple with fascinating backstories which recites the tale of Indian Hindu Goddess.”

BlahBatuAlthough considered as one of the oldest temple in the island, the existence of Pura Durga Kutri remains pretty much unknown even for the locals. The exterior of this temple resemble the shape of Balinese temple in general, but what makes it special is at the main courtyard (mandala utama) part, lies a small hill covered in lush forest. Pura Durga Kutri is actually a part of temple complex called Pura Bukit Dharma.

BlahBatu2 There are four temples forming this grand complex, but Pura Durga Kutri held the most compelling back story. It kept the legendary statue (arca) of Durga Mahissura Mardhini, and was built to tell the story of Goddess Dewi Durga and her battle against the evil giant called Asura. On the statue, Dewi Durga is portrayed as a woman with multiple arms holding two long tridents. These weapons are said to act as spiritual symbol, to fight and cleanse the darkness from the heart of human being in aid to their spiritual enlightenment.

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