Reach the top, literally and metaphorically, by trekking through the trail of Mount Batur, and feels like a real conqueror during your nature-bound holiday.

tripAccording to Balinese Hindu believe, Mount Batur is a sacred ground. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist either to see that the mountain surely held something wonderful in term of natural landscape and scenic panorama, which gives more reason why you should try to reach its peak, or at the very least visit and get soaked in its immaculate beauty.

trip 3Although now lies dormant and welcomes visitor who wish to walk along its trail, Mount Batur is used to be an active volcano, and last erupted about a centuries ago, claiming live of thousands citizens around its vicinity along with hundredsof temples and villages. Balinese Hindu devotees still consider Mount Batur as a sacred place until this very moment.

trip 2Hundreds of tourist hike and trek along Mount Batur each day, and it’s easy to find some operator which provides a complete trekking program to the mountain. It can be conquered by physically fit hikers in around 2 hours, but for beginners, it is okay to take your time and not speed-running the journey, focused more on your safety and enjoyment (we provide some basic tips for trekking in this edition Tips & Tricks section to help you get prepped). Once you reach the peak, you can do unique activity such as having some tasty meals freshly cooked from the steam of active volcano.

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