Set on Samasta Lifestyle Village, House of Trap is a physical adventure game in which players locked in a room to solve series of puzzles and escape within limited timeframe.

HOUSE OF TRAPAfter a succesfull stint n the capital city of Jakarta, House of Trap brings their escape room challenge to test the minds of all tourist and travelers in Bali. Get locked for 45 minutes, brainstorm with your team to find clues scattered around the rooms and solve challenging puzzles to escape within the time given.

HOUSE OF TRAP 2This activity could be done by just anyone looking for a bonding moment and test their logical skills, from students, tourists, family and friends, and also a good teambuilding event for corporate. At Samasta, you can choose one  of three themed rooms that will take you for a fascinating journey; Indonesian Legacy where you play as an investigation team to help inspect the crime scene and retrieve the lost Indonesan art relics, Winter Wonderland which will place you under the curse of wicked witch in a frigid land of snowy wonders, and The Lost Island, where you are assigned to unravel the mystery of space, time and umaginable journey.

HOUSE OF TRAP 3Break the riddle and embrace a victorious escape at House of Trap!








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