“Done a week before the holy day of Nyepi, Melasti is a spiritual pilgrimage done by Balinese Hindu people at the sea to cleanse their spiritual and physical aspects.”


Nyepi, or ‘Day of Silence’ is considered as one of the biggest moment of Balinese Hindu people, and celebrated not only on the Day, but also in between. Before Nyepi, a grand ritual called Melasti is done as a preparation before entering the holy Day.

melastiHeld on the edge of beaches around the island, Melasti is a purification ritual aim to cleanse all the bad influences and throw them deep into the ocean. In addition to the prayers, all the sacred things, relic and equipment from the Pura (Balinese Temple) are also carried to be cleansed along with the people. This symbolic ceremony is a sight to behold, as parades of thousands Balinese people in their finest traditional outfits, carrying colorful offerings accompanied by live traditional music instrument, march together into the shoreline and simultaneously done their rituals in joy and togetherness.

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