“The stories of puppet has become the inspiration of the first Bali’s true canvas painting, which started at Kamasan Village on the 16th century.”

Puppet PaintingsThe village of Kamasan, Klungkung has been very identical to the classic wayang painting. ‘Wayang’ is Indonesian traditional puppet used in a theatrical performance,
depicting tales and folklores of God and kings. From generation to generation, the village’s resident has inherited the skill from their ancestors to create a distinctive type of painting art. As a form of art, Kamasan painting has its own original style; the initial line drawing or sketching is made in black Chinese ink, the most important phase to the Balinese.Puppet Paintings 2The material used to produce the painting is made by rough fabric canvas, which dyed in rice powder porridge and dried under the sun. The subjects or theme of the painting contains many elements of the art and philosophical meanings, derived from wayang stories taken from the Indian Mahabharata and Ramayana epics. Decoratively rich both in colors and meticulous patterns are just two of many signature styles of Kamasan painting. Its accordance with the nature of wayang and imitation of the puppet’s complete shape is the main reason why this style of painting is popularly derrived as “Lukisan Wayang Kamasan”.

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