“An integral part of Klungkung Palace, Museum Semarapura is a place of preservation for all aspects of Klungkung, from art, culture, to bravery.”

semarapuraKlungkung is a town of great historical and cultural significance, which reflects on the island’s golden aesthetic era. If you want to dig a little bit deeper into the fascinating historical background, Museum Semarajaya is a place to go. Once a MULO public school at Dutch colonial era, nowadays it turns into a safe storage for several pre-historic remnants found around the island.

semarapura-3Inaugurated back in 1992, this diverting museum located inside the Klungkung Palace compound preserves an interesting collection of archaeological and other pieces of remnants. There are exhibits of songket cloth weaving, palm toddy (palm wine) and palm-sugar extraction. But the highlight of the museum collection is a moving display of 1908 Klungkung ‘Puputan’ war, in which the King of Klungkung at that time leads 200 members of his family, including women and children, to participate in final suicidal act called ‘Puputan’ to go all-in against the Colonial army. This action inspires all Indonesian warriors and significantly boosts up their morale to retake the country from Dutch colonial grasp.


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