“Neither too frantic nor snoozy, Sanur is actually Bali’s earliest beach destination. The former fishing village constantly attracts visitors from around the world for its charming, unruffled atmosphere.”

sanur 3.jpgStretches for about 5km along an east-facing coastline, with the lush and green landscaped grounds fronting right onto the sandy beach, Sanur features a relaxed coastal ambience perfect for a moment of getaway. Due to its strategic location between the vibrant Southern Bali and naturebound Northern side of Ubud and beyond, it is a perfect starting point for those who wish to explore all the other tourism destinations around the island.

sanurPeaceful coastline becomes main attractions of Sanur, and somehow it successfully maintains the atmosphere of serenity even though it is often packed with both local and international tourists. The beaches are thin and protected by the reef and breakwaters, making them really swimmable and good spot for family vacation. There are several magnificent beaches around Sanur, with the most well-known being Mertasari beach and Matahari Terbit beach. The first one, Mertasari, is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, with white sandy beach, waveless sea, and pavilions built on a rocky path which leads to the sea. These pavilions are the signature of Sanur beaches rarely seen in other shorelines across the island, and a great place to get soaked in the breezy seaside atmosphere.

sanur 2One of the most favorite activities in Sanur is cycling, so don’t be surprised to see bikes strolling across the same narrow path beside the beach used by the pedestrians. Don’t worry, as most of them drive safely, just be ready to sway aside when you hear a bell chime from passing bikes.



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