Perched on a cliff of Bukit Kutuh overlooking the vast ocean, Pura Gunung Payung is a sacred temple of worship built by a holy priest during his pilgrimage.

PURA GUNUNG PAYUNGThe beach area of Gunung Payung gains more recognition by tourists for its pristine ambience of white sandy shore and undulating wave over clear blue sea, but the existence of Pura Gunung Payung temple itself is firmly  kept and preserved from the transformation of the area into tourism destination.

PURA GUNUNG PAYUNG 3Legend said that Pura Gunung Payung was built by Hindu priest, Danghyang Nirarta. Driven by the sadness upon seeing the barren land of the Kutuh village, the holy man placed the handle of an umbrella in between the dry reef, making it pour out fresh water so the villagers could drink and quench their thirst. Gunung Payung temple is built around the reef where Danghyang Nirarta placed the umbrella stick—hence the name of the area came from. ‘Payung’ literally means umbrella in Indonesian language. Until now, the temple is regularly used as a place of worship by Balinese Hindu, and the once-dry reef now always overflows with fresh water even in the driest season.

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