Tucked peacefully in Bunutin village, Pura Langgar is a sacred representation of utmost harmony between Moslem and Hindu religion in the island of Bali.

langgarTurn your holiday into an adventure and seek deeper to unravel the wondrous nature of Bali. In the small, tranquil village of Undisan at Bangli regency, you can find a place of serenity fully constructed by nature’s grace called the green cliff of Undisan.

langgar 2The village itself is not that hard to find; just follow the road Northeast of Ubud and you will arrive at one of the island’s most recent spiritual destination. Green cliff of Undisan gains its reputation as a place to gain a bit of inner peace and well being by international tourists seeking for peace and comfort deep in nature’s gentle caress.

langgar 3A narrow ravine sandwiched by green mossy cliffs that-if you follow, leads to a hidden grotto. It is an idyllic spot to briefly escape from all the hustle and bustle of modern life which can take tolls on mind and soul even in your holiday moment.


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