“Bali is a blessed land filled with nature’s finest wonder on its every corner. On this edition of Traveler, we gladly compile the best of our journey trip that let us get immersed in the island’s wonder to give you the necessary guidance of which place to visit during your holiday. So happy reading and we really hope all the photos and texts featured in this article can inspire everyone to be more aware that Bali’s nature is worth preserved. Have a blissful wanderlust vacation!”


singarajaThere are several interesting regions worth visiting around Singaraja for a pleasant escape, such as Munduk, a small mountain village in which you can enjoy fresh air with astonishing view of green forest, crystal clear lake and colorful flowers. Then ascending from the hillside, you can visit the famous GitGit Waterfall. From there, follow the 800 meter track until you reach the magnificent 50 meter-heights waterfall surrounded by lush forest. At the noon after the waterfall, take a dip at Banjar Hot Spring; a beautiful traditional pool filled with natural warm spring water, which is believed to heal disease and fatigue. After a day filled with activities, it is time to embrace what has made Bali famous since centuries ago; the beach. Go to the famous Lovina beach (the one with cute dolphin statue) and enjoy the serene sunset scenery.


jembranaJembrana regency is vast, covering the Eastern side of Bali, with Negara as its main city. The road leading towards the regency is surrounded by trees with beach visible on the left side. There are several noteworthy beaches in this area, such as Medewi, a remote beach suitable for surfing, or Dlod Brawah, where you can find a large, gorgeous statue of a mermaid. The beach is unique, composed from black volcanic sand, soft in texture and glittering under the sunlight. You can also opt to visit some of the magnificent temples located within this region, such as the large and important Pura Rambut Siwi or Pura Prancak situated beside a riverside formed by the intersection of salt and plain water.


kintamaniSurrounded by the captivating nature, there is always something about Kintamani. At late afternoon until night, fog will descend and cover the entire area, and cold temperature will drop even lower, creating calm and surreal atmosphere. There is a particular spot in Pinggan village, Kintamani oftenly visited by both local and international tourists to watch upon a mesmerizing sunrise panorama. Another attraction worth your time at Kintamani comes in form of Toya Bungkah village natural hot spring. The hot water coming from natural spring nearby is proven to benefit the body, and even could heal disease. The location itself makes Toya Bungkah natural hot spring as recommended place to visit. While swimming in the soothing warm water, you will be visually treated by the magnificent scenery of Mount Batur and wondrous blue sky.

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