“Occupying a space on the corner of Kayu Jati Street, Vin+ Seminyak invites everyone who wishes to have a good time enjoying food, music and drink in such lavish atmosphere.”

vin+If you are looking for a venue to treat your loved one in a very special occasion or celebration, Vin+ Seminyak proves to be more than just a ‘place to go’. The critically acclaimed wine boutique is a fine spot to relish upon memorable moment, especially during and after sunset. Both indoor and outdoor dining spaces boast breezy open-air interior design, with eclectic touches of traditional Indonesian architecture here and there. Tall bamboo poles stands side by side creating a luxurious vintage feel to relax and embrace the atmosphere of the stylish Petitenget.

vin+ 2As a high-class wine boutique, Vin+ Seminyak serves broad arrays of wine brands and fancy drinks, including fresh and innovative homemade cocktails for your enjoyment. It is also a recommended dining venue, serving varieties of palatable dishes from International to local-inspired menus, made by talented chef Theodorus Setyo. Vin+ Seminyak also regularly held exclusive events for their guest, such as wine pairing dinner and the festive Wine Carnival.

vin+ 3Jl. Kayu Jati No. 1 Seminyak
Tel. +62 361 473 2377

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